Do I need to hire a Licensed Contractor?

No but you will be putting yourself at risk for financial harm. Unlicensed and Uninsured Contractors – If damage is caused to your property or the repairs are not done properly, you may have no recourse. If a worker is injured on your property you may be responsible for all of their medical bills.

Licensed and Insured Contractors must be licensed with the State of Nevada must carry General Liability for the company and must carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance for each employee. They also must have a business license for each of the counties and cities where the work is being performed.

Do I have to use the Contractor(s) that my Insurance Company recommended?

No you do not. You as the property owner can use any licensed contractor that you like as long as their pricing is within the insurance companies program. After all it is your property and your money.

Many older homes are not up to the current building codes. As a General Contractor doing your Insurance repairs, we must bring the property up to code.

What is your warranty?

4 years on workmanship. All products have their own manufactured warranty and will be honored by them.